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Christmas Tradition #1

December 11, 2010

I love Christmas. But it’s changed. I’ve changed. My place is too small for a tree and I’m too embarrassed to get my picture taken with Santa at the mall.  I’ve decided to make up my own Christmas Traditions.  Tradition is just another word for habit isn’t it? Some activity to drive us out of our winter doldrums long enough to remember that Spring will come.
Christmas Tradition #1 will be ‘Make Gingerbread Men’. This started a few years ago when I roped in some friends to make gingerbread men for a Children’s Christmas show. It was a lot of work but fun to hang out with friends at my sister’s with a production team going strong.
Last year I was away but this year we’re making Gingerbread Men tomorrow. Most of the same people will be there, and we have done it before, so I declare this a new tradition!
Step 1. Pick a date and convince your sister she wants to offer her kitchen.
Step 2. Leave it to the last-minute to find the recipe. It should be easy. You just sorted all your recipes in October.
Step 2a. Get distracted by all the wonderful recipes and make extravagant plans for baked gifts for everyone you know.
Step 2b. Snap out of it. Reality check. The clock is ticking and you now have to postpone your evening plans.
Step 2c. Search internet for missing recipe.
Step 3. Write up shopping list.
Step 3a. Leave shopping list at home when you go to the grocery store.
Step 3b. Do the best you can from memory and actually get everything on your list!
Step 4. Clean your kitchen for food safety.
Step 5. Take a break and have lunch.
Step 6. Clean your kitchen again.
Step 7. Make dough in double batches
Step 8. Realize 9 cups of flour will not fit in this bowl. Vague memory of how you solved this last time and note to future self – USE the BIG WHITE BOWL for the WET ingredients.
Step 9. Wrap and refrigerate dough for rolling, baking and decorating tomorrow.
Step 10. Realize your tea is cold and you are too tired to clean the kitchen. Take a break and write blog.
Step 11. Stop procrastinating and clean the kitchen. You can upload photos later.
Step 12. Ignore nagging self and pack up materials for tomorrow: Two rolling pins, piping bag, cookie cutters, icing sugar.
Step 13. Write flourescent note to put on door reminding you to bring the dough that is in the fridge.
Step 14. Hydrate.
Step 15. Push save and really clean the kitchen.


First batch out of the oven

Rollin, rollin, rollin..

Many hours later, the finished product!

The best part, eating them!

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  1. saumil permalink
    December 24, 2010 10:20 am

    i couldnt see those snowflakes in the print material, and started wondering if my eyes have gone this bad. It was like my eyes are having pixel problems!! gingerbreadmen yaay – for me its like indian sweets, i’d say tradition is whatever you long to do when the right time comes 🙂 pardon my sentence formation

  2. December 10, 2011 1:06 pm

    It’s a year later and I’m about to make the dough for our annual Gingerbread men and I hoped that I was smart enough to post the recipe here.
    Apparently not.
    So the tradition continues and again I am searching the internet for the recipe!
    Happy Holidays!

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