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New Zealand Part 4: Music and Surprizes

March 22, 2010

With a small island population a visitor feels like everyone knows everyone else, six degrees of separation and all. No circle seems more connected than the music scene. Between my adjustment to the time zone and a battle to get my allergies under control, I didn’t make it out to any live music until we hit Christchurch.  Granted it was almost Christmas break but that city is crazy! I don’t get hit on by boys. It just doesn’t happen. Apparently I’m living in the wrong city.  Moe’s band was great and fun but, when they took a break, we escaped the drunken crush and the overwhelming attention.

Back the next night for some lighthearted Christmas music, Pogues style, a much smaller and safer atmosphere made for great music appreciated by all. As I listened to all the stories of all the road trips and bands Moe had played with, some familiar names of some old haunts came up. Turns out he’d toured in Vancouver when the Town Pump still played great live music.  Back when I used to hang out at the Alberni Room on Sunday nights listening to Fear of Drinking and the Paperboys.

A week later, back in Christchurch we again see Moe’s Band, Black Velvet as the headline act for the free New Year’s eve concert in Cathedral Square.  New Zealand has the first New Year’s celebration of the night and the warm, clear evening makes for great fun.  It reminds me that I’ve seen more live music in my short trip than I saw all of 2009. It’s not that I forgot that I enjoy it I just got out of the habit.

A week later back in Wellington, Bob finally drags me out to see his good friends the Parcel of Rogues play at a local pub. They’re good.  It’s starting to come back to me, how to hang out in bars. And best of all I somehow remembered how to talk to boys. Cute boys. Cute, tall, non-smoking boys who are employed, intelligent, funny and…live thousands of miles away.  My chaperone/duenna/chastity belt stepped in and called an end to our night. It was with regret that I didn’t get his last name or his digits but Maxy, if you’re ever in Vancouver…get my number from my cousin!

Armed with this reminder of how great live music is I’ll be making an effort to get out and see some local music starting with the 8th Annual Lonely Hearts Club Band benefit concert this Saturday. Hope to see you there!

P.S. Thanks Yvonne!

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  1. Yvonne permalink
    March 22, 2010 10:24 pm

    Happy to be the pushy friend. 🙂
    We should make it a habit to get out to see more gigs then
    AND you can bone up on your flirting skills.

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