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Return to Iceland: The Grass is Green on Both Sides

December 16, 2009

My first memory of Briet is on her first day of school. She is memorable. A tiny, brown, girl pops up and introduces herself as Briet from Iceland. Did I hear that right? When I think Iceland I see big, blond Vikings. Thus began my education and fascination of Iceland. Briet is now my dear friend and shares a few thoughts and photos with us while I’m travelling.

Iceland in OctoberTime flies when you have fun and also when you are doing the same thing for long time. Is that just all fun in some way?
Feels like yesterday it was summer here, and I sure am happy I got home when it was warm not when it was cold. But even the cold is welcome when I am hugged by my old friends the mountains, the sky bluer then everything, and the snow covering the green grass like it was hiding the summer, like it should just been done, like an old warm memory, hidden in my mind.Gorgeous Blue Sky

The old hospital is now a library. A monument to Fishermen is in the foreground.So this day was going be my little tourist day, just from my work and home, taking pictures for friends far away, but still so close.
I walked slowly taking things in. I couldn’t believe it; I had been in Vancouver for almost 2 years, learning new things about myself and others, being in a big city(for me at least) in Canada compared to my little fishing town in Iceland, where you mostly know everyone and you could run out from a small age and be safe. I am home….home.
How much has changed, but sometimes it feels like I was just gone for a day.

Briet's hometown - look at those glorious mountains!

Walking to work in the morning, freaking myself out on all the ghost stories I have heard over the years, all the houses with their history, the landscape again, so beautiful, the troll seat in the mountain, wondering if they are out there somewhere. I think of the people, my lovely house that I lived happily in with my parents and brother since they bought it when I was 6 months old and of course my family. I work with most of my family and my grandmother who is 88 years young. I’m glad every day that I get to spend time with her and learn from her. They haven’t changed and that keeps my sanity, in the insanity.

An oldstyle Icleandic home Briet's father built.

Vancouver was like another home for me. I was happy I picked city that I could see the ocean, trees and mountains around me. I was surprised that I felt safe to go places by myself and loved that I could walk downtown and the bus system was easy enough. It is surely a freedom to go anywhere like this.
I got freaked out often enough seeing animals like raccoons, squirrels and skunks just chilling down the road because surly I didn’t see much of those here, but watched fascinated by the way they move. Like Iceland, I loved the nature even though I didn’t see as much as I wanted but that will be my plan in nearest future, hoping to see my Vancouver “family”. I bet if I was in Vancouver, it would be in all the beautiful fall colors that are so way different from the fall here. We have ‘finter’ here…. fall with a lot of winter.
The parts that have changed aren’t as noticeable; the once little kids that are turning into over grown hormone bombs. I’m more alone now, and how much I hated that when I was younger. It doesn’t bother me as much today. My time in Canada helped me to see that time with myself is not less then time with others. Maybe I’m just growing up, knowing more and being more comfortable with who I am and what I have been doing.
I miss Vancouver, the nature and the friends I have there, but I would miss Iceland and my family just as much if I was there and vice versa.

Reflections on life and the blue Icelandic sky.

 ‘The grass is greener on the other side’…. I would say the grass is the same color green on both sides if you are just ready to notice it. Now my Vancouver chapter is hidden under the white cover of snow in my fall mind, waiting to spring up in summer in Iceland.
Welcome home.

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