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The Future

November 18, 2009

Dear Reader,

I’m going travelling. Really travelling. To a far away exotic place. I thought it was time, dear reader, to assure you that you wouldn’t be stuck with week after week of Vancouver ramblings. There are some foreign travel tales coming soon.

This trip has been a real uphill climb and it’s not over yet. Maybe it’s a test of my resolve to actually go. Two surgeries, major car repairs and a stolen laptop tested my health, my courage, my fortitude and most noticeably my bank account.

 But life’s too short. I’m going.

Sunday I packed.  I’m not a very good packer, so I brought in some help, my sister.  I washed every stitch of laundry I own, folded it extra neatly, and arranged it in piles for easy access.  Those of you who know me, know I’m a pretty good planner and organizer; you haven’t met my sister. She arrived ready to work, determined the pertinent facts, and set about reigning me in.  ‘But I might need it’ to which she just replied, ‘no’, ‘nope’, ‘I really don’t think it suits you’.  She wrote everything down, and as I cooked dinner she created the most amazing spread sheet of items, tasks and questions that I still needed to ask my travelling companions.  It was colour coded. I finally felt like my trip was real – even if it is over three weeks away. 

I know what you’re saying, ‘Three weeks!!Packing?  This chick is nuts!’

But here’s the thing,  packing is the only thing I’m in control of.  My itinerary is out of my hands; kind of a mystery to me.  It’s really stressing me out! I haven’t even confirmed if I’m being met at the airport. (Last time I travelled with this cousin he was four hours late picking me up and his phone had died so I couldn’t reach him.) I don’t know what we’re going to do just that we’re going to do something, see many places.  

So maybe this is the thing, maybe I have to learn how to let go and let someone else take over.  Maybe I need to be more spontaneous and just see what comes up. Traveling is that magical time when you get to be someone else, not your day-to-day self.  I feel like I have super powers!  When I mention my trip people actually listen to me.  There is a license with travellers to do the unexpected. Like last night, I’m at a friend’s birthday, and after I mention my trip I get, ‘Oh you have to meet Ben.  He’s from there.’  Next thing I know, Ben, whom I’ve known for exactly five minutes is inviting us to visit and go sailing when we are in his home town.  How strange yet lovely that we offer these warm invitations to the barest of acquaintances because they are travelling.  I mean, you wouldn’t walk up to a stranger and say, ‘Hey! I’ve got a boat – let’s go sailing?!’

So stick around.  My camera will be home from Egypt on Friday and I’ve got lots of goodies in store!

P.S. Due to technically difficulties there will be no photos this week. Sorry!

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  1. Yvonne permalink
    November 28, 2009 8:56 pm

    Ben and his other half, Rachael, are lovely, so I do hope you take him up on his offer. They are a lot of fun and great explorers!

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