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Road Trip – Part 3

October 25, 2009

With Autumn comes magic. Nature teases out the sun as long as possible, weaning us off the summer brilliance, a minute less each

Three seasons in one

Three seasons in one

day. It looks warm out, but better grab your sweater/fleece/hoody because it’s not. This is definately a time of transition. We decided to burn a few calories in our various ways to make up for the indulgences of pie and whip cream for breakfast. It was very hard to keep my mouth shut as my brother in law emerged in shorts to go for a run. I’d seen the thermometer outside. 4 degrees celcius ( 39 Fahrenhiet). I’m trying to shed my sarcastic sharp edges. Dad went and dug up the last of the carrots and beets in the mostly frozen earth. The ladies – we went walking. Sweaters, gloves, scarves – we’re ready!
Ten steps out of the house – maybe I should get another jacket.
Half a block away – we’ll warm up once we get out of the wind.
Three blocks away – uh… maybe we should phone dad to pick us up. We made it to our destination then hid in Tim Horton’s with steamed milk to warm us until our ride home arrived.

Last one, I promise.

Last one, I promise.

A nice little trick mother nature decided to play. The temperature dropped so quickly people didn’t have time to finish winterizing. Three seasons trapped in these images. I’m refelecting on this image as me. Clinging to summer for all I’m worth, but let’s face it – I’m almost Autumn and I know that Winter is ineveitable. It all happens so quickly. One moment I’m dancing until dawn, Yoga twice a week, learning swordplay, drinking beer and eating chocolate when I want. Calories? What are those? Next thing I know, tendonitis, a green fracture in my foot, bum knee and orthapedic inserts. I really need to get my eyes checked. Maybe later. Oh, and chocolate and beer have made themselves at home around my waist.

Stunning foliage

Stunning foliage

I know, but I really like autumn colours

I know, but I really like autumn colours

And yet…that Autumn leaf, it’s much more interesting than the clear blue sky. Look at those bold golds and brazen reds. That’s a pretty complex pattern, it’s got some weight and experience. You could look at it for hours and keep finding something new. It won’t be so bad right?

Winter’s shiver is a bit scary but I hope it holds the clarity of that icicle. Maybe a little sparkle of humour and a glimmer of wisdom.

The trunk is now packed with preserves, apples and Thanksgiving leftovers. The road home is impatiently waiting. I’m always loathe to leave, but there is a carrot dangling along the road that we hope to catch. Long weekend traffic doesn’t help and we arrive at our destination a little late (remember part one? late is still the theme).

They were closed for the day and the light was fading but I highly recommend this little

The dragon was home but they were closed for the day :(

The dragon was home but they were closed for the day 😦

detour into Chilliwack. A dragon; metalic gleam, and fluid lines are the giant prize at the end of this road trip. My photo is a bit dark, but I’ve included the link so you can check out this sculptor’s other works.

Home, tired, stocked with food and memories; another great roadtrip is over. I get to bed…late.

Hope you’ll share some of your favourite road trip destinations.

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