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A Stormy Tour – Part 1

September 27, 2009

On the RoadActually the weather was fabulous!  September sunshine and a crisp wind graced my trip.  The inspiration is the 15th anniversary of Storm Brewing, a local micro brewery owned by my dear friend James Walton. I occasionally tag along on deliveries and there is always something to see.  James has introduced me to many short cuts when navigating this city as well as back alley parking and a good working knowledge of delivery zones.  I’ve seen a side to restaurants not usually seen by most – the people behind the scenes making it happen for hours before you or I set foot inside the door.  The owners and visionaries that create our cities culinary delights often share James’ entrepreneurial spirit. I was looking forward to my Stormy Tour.Storm Brewing


First stop, the brewery.  A hidden treasure in Vancouver’s gritty east side.  Don’t drop by, it’s not a restaurant or a brew pub but it is a beacon of creativity in the Vancouver craft beer landscape and there are lots of places you can try it.

James checks the pressure on a keg

The cooler door is an historical record of events, friends, humour and bands that have passed through Storm's doors.

The cooler door is an historical record of events, friends, humour and bands that have passed through Storm's doors.

Loaded up and on the road I asked James some questions between deliveries. His answers, blunt and uncensored below:

So….what are the pros and cons to owning a brewery?  He laughs! You can get laid! You’re always the coolest person in the room no matter what anyone else does – everyone loves beer.

Saddle up! He waited a block before answering the second part of my question.  In fact I had to remind him of the second part. Alcoholism, you have to work weekends, that’s the busiest time for deliveries, drunken fans, your clothes and vehicles always smell like beer and your shoes get thrashed.


We stop and deliver beer to our first destination.  A backyard Barbeque celebration.  We leave happy people behind and continue on our sunny way. East Vancouver glows in the softer autumn light.  The trees are just starting to turn colour, and gardens give forth thier last burst of colour as the dahlias compete with each other for brilliance and size.  The homes are a mosaic of Victorian Ladies, 1940’s war homes, ‘Vancouver Specials’, and all points inbetween.  Disappearing are the run down homes of a once lower income neighbourhood as the renovation boom of the last fifteen years has skyrocketed prices in this once modest neighbourhood.  The fruit trees are dissappearing, replaced by lower maintenance landscaping for the two income household.  Thankfully a number of small vegetable and kitchen gardens still take advantage of this great climate and I can see tomatoes, beans and pumpins between the fenceposts.  James ready to hit the road

We’ve been friends for almost 13 years and had some pretty amazing times at the brewery.  What are some highlights for you? The 10 year anniversary party at the Anza club, the launch of the Cherry Lambic complete with ice carving, oysters on the half shell and cherry lambic crepes. The first couple of feast of fields – meeting passionate restauranteurs and great chefs.

Favourite beer you’ve ever brewed? Espresso Porter with beans roasted with Rick at Continental.

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